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Fakultet elektrotehnike, računarstva i informacijskih tehnologija Osijek organizira znanstveno-stručna predavanja iz područja elektrotehnike, računarstva, te ostalih interdisciplinarnih područja. Uobičajeno vrijeme održavanja predavanja je utorak u 13:00 sati, ali se prema mogućnostima predavača predavanja mogu održavati i u drugim terminima. Predavači su znanstvenici i stručnjaci iz akademske zajednice, gospodarstsva i državnih institucija iz zemlje i inozemstva.

Osnovna namjena predavanja je:
- približavanje znanosti i struke gospodarstvu i ostalim institucijama
- približavanje novih tehnologija i zahtjeva iz gospodarstva i ostalih institucija akademskoj zajednici
- intenziviranje suradnje i istraživanja Elektrotehničkog fakulteta s drugim fakultetima i tvrtkama

Predavanja se održavaju u sklopu aktivnosti:
IEEE Odjela za sustave, čovjeka i kibernetiku

- IEEE Odjela za pouzdanost
Hrvatske sekcije IEEE

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prof.dr.sc.Goran Martinović, Predsjednik Odjela za sustav, čovjeka i kibernetiku Hrvatske sekcije IEEE
Prof.dr.sc. Željko Hocenski, predsjednik Odjela za pouzdanost Hrvatske sekcije IEEE




IEEE Croatia Section, IEEE Power Engineering Society poziva vas na predavanje prof.dr. Jovice Milanovića s University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)

14.12.2015. | Srete Nikolovski PromovirajIspis

Dana 18.12.2015 na Elektrotehničkom fakultetu u Osijeku u prostoriji 2.31 u 9 h održati će se predavanje prof.dr.sc. Jovice Milanovića s temeom ""Modelling and analysis of future data rich and uncertain power systems” u sklopu IEEE DLP programa.

Abstract:  The future power systems will be characterised by  blurred boundaries between transmission and distribution system, by mix of wide range of electricity generating technologies (conventional hydro, thermal, nuclear and power electronic interfaced stochastic and intermittent renewable generation), responsive and highly flexible, typically power electronics interfaced, demand and storage with significant temporal and spatial uncertainty, proliferation of power electronics (HVDC, FACTS devices and new types of load devices) and   significantly higher reliance on the use of measurement data including global (Wide Area Monitoring) signals for system identification, characterization and  control and Information and Communication Technology embedded within the power system network and its components. In order to successfully control such system and its parts and to ensure its stability and security the control strategies and modelling and simulation tools for future power networks need to cater for significantly increased uncertainties, both in terms of model uncertainties and operational uncertainties and influx of unprecedented amount of data from different types of local and wide area distributed data acquisition devices and monitors. This presentation identifies sources of uncertainties and big data in future power networks and gives examples of methodologies that can be used to successfully model, analyse and control these complex systems.

Biography of the presenter

Jovica V Milanovic received Dipl.Ing. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Ph.D. degree from the University of Newcastle, Australia, and D.Sc. degree from The University of Manchester, UK. Prior to joining The University of Manchester, UK, in 1998, he worked with “Energoproject”, Engineering and Consulting Co. and the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia, and the Universities of Newcastle and Tasmania in Australia.

Currently, he is a Professor of Electrical Power Engineering,  Deputy Head of  School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Head of Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group at The University of Manchester, UK , Visiting Professor at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia and Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He was chairman of 3 international conferences , editor or member of editorial/technical boards of 50+ international journals and conferences, research project assessor for 12 international government research funding councils, member of 7 (convenor of 2) past or current IEEE/CIGRE/CIRED WG and consultant or member of advisory boards for several international companies. Professor Milanovic published  over  400 research papers and reports, gave many key note speeches at international conferences and presented over 120 courses/tutorials and lectures to industry and academia around the world.

Professor Milanovic  is a Chartered Engineer in the UK, Foreign member of the Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences, FIET, FIEEE, Distinguished IEEE PES Lecturer and  currently serves on  IEEE PES Governing Board as  Regional Representative for Europe, Middle east and Africa.

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