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Call for Papers Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems (SUSCOM) - Special Issue on Futuristic Technologies (ISC)

02.10.2019. | Srete Nikolovski PromovirajIspis


Imminent Sustainability Computing (ISC) is a principle that embraces a wide range of policies, procedures, programs, and attributes that run the length and breadth of any uses of information technologies for sustainable systems. It addressed a myriad of sustainability problems in different computing and information processing environments and technologies. Solutions for these problems, information processing, integration, utilization, aggregation, and generation, can call upon an extensive assortment of algorithmic and computational frameworks within cloud, cluster and mobile computing, such as optimization, machine learning, dynamical systems, prediction and control, decision support systems, and meta-heuristics, security and safety.

This special Issue covers fundamental research and applications within the novel scopes related to sustainability computing, such as efficient algorithms, smart devices, cloud storage organization, data transfer in new communication environment, software and information processing and distribution. In addition, it deals with hardware/software technologies, new frameworks and architectures, efficient modelling-simulation, mathematical models, and designs on theories for the imminent sustainability computing.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Theoretical and algorithms aspect of energy in ISC

2. New paradigm software, middleware and systems in ISC 3. Energy-efficient communication protocols in ISC

4. Optimization, machine learning, prediction and control, decision support systems for ISC

5. Smart networking and real-time systems in ISC

6. Management in memory, disk, storage and other peripheral devices with cloud computing

7. Monitoring and visualization methodologies and tools in ISC 8. Ecosystem for ISC

9. Security and safety for ISC 10. Wearable computing in ISC

11. Sustainable information technologies for governance 12. Other sustainable systems and applications for ISC

Important Dates

·    Initial paper submission deadline: February 28, 2020

·      First round authors notification: April 30, 2020

·    Invited revisions deadline: July 15, 2020

·    Second round authors notification: Sept 15, 2020

·      Final revision deadline: November 15, 2020

·    Final authors notification: December 31, 2020

·      Projected publication: Spring 2021

Guest Editors

Dr YUVARAJA T., (lead guest Editor)

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Gwangju City, South Korea 61005

Dr. SRETE NIKOLOVSKI Faculty of Electrical Engineering,

Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Osijek, Croatia


Professor of ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, Faculty of Engineering and Technology,

Annamalai University, ANNAMALAINAGAR-608 002, Tamilnadu, India.,

Dr HAMID REZA BAGHAEE Department of Electrical Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran.

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