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Predavanje prof.dr. Istvan Vajda Obuda University 10.7.17. u 9 sati Vijećnica FERIT-a

04.07.2017. | Željko Hocenski PromovirajIspis


Odjel za sustave, čovjeka i kibernetiku Hrvatske sekcije IEEE poziva Vas na predavanje


 Electrical Machines for Electrical Vehicles

 Električni strojevi za električna vozila Istvan Vajda


ponedjeljak, 10. srpnja 2017.  u 9 sati, Vijećnica FERIT-a

Fakultet elektrotehnike, računarstva i informacijskih tehnologija Osijek

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Abstract. The presentation first provides a comprehensive overview on various types of electrical vehicles (typology) together with their relevant performance characteristics so as to summarize the up-to-date topics and the state-of-the-art. A particular emphasis will be paid to the requirements of the electrical machine to be applied in the powertrain. Then energy, power and torque needs will be analyzed, and the standardized and customized duty cycles will be discussed. In the next section the calculation of the main sizes of the motor – depending on the design criteria – will be presented with a reference to the drive strategy. The current issues of AC motors will then be analyzed. More details will be provided regarding PM materials and PM motors as well as synchronous reluctance motors. An example application and a comparative analysis of different types of motors and drives for electrical vehicle applications will close the lecture.

Biography. Prof. Dr Istvan Vajda (CSc, PhD, DSc, dr. habil) is with Obuda University, dean of Kando Kalman Faculty of Electrical Engineering, director of Institute of Automation, and as a part-time professor working with the Department of Electric Power Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

He is the leader of the SuperTech Laboratory. Internationally ackowledged scientist and expert in the fields of Large scale applications of superconductivity and Theory and design of electrical machines, particularly for Electrical Vehicles. Other research fields: Electrical Energy Storage, Diagnostics of Electrical Energy Converters and Storage, Engineering problem solving. Nonconventional energy conversion.

He has 278 scientific publications, 288 independent citations; IF = 57,585, h = 11, PhD students defended 7. Relevant achievements are as follows: Establishment of the SuperTech Laboratory, Creation of a set of small size industrial models of high temperature superconducting devices, Development and conceptual design of the SuperPlant superconducting mini power plant, Simulation software „WinTer” for systems containing superconductors and permanent magnets, Pilot plant of a current limiting transformer, Development of 1–10 MW PM Sychronous Motors for Ship Propoulsion, Development of 0.5–1 MW Inverter Fed Induction Motor Series, Development of hybrid and electrical vehicles. He is an international expert in evaluationship of PhD and EU projects. For six years he used to be a representative of doctors Hungarian Academy of Sciences, president of the Electrotechnical Scientific Committee of HAS. He is an IEEE member, member of the Hungarian Academy of Engineers, member of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association, for three years he used to be a vice-chair of IEEE Hungarian section, for ten years he used to be a member and chair of the Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association,. Istvan Vajda, Institute of Automation, Obuda University

Becsi út 96/b, H-1034 Budapest, Hungary,


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