Poziv za konferenciju ICTIT 2011 Saratov in Russia

10.12.2011. | Srete Nikolovski PromovirajIspis

Dear Colleague: I am pleased to join Professor Dr. Igor Pleve, Rector of Saratov State Technical University, Saratov, Russia, to invite you to attend the International Conference on Information Technologies-2012 (ICIT-2012) which will focus on Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Manufacturing and Research. This interesting and unique conference will be hosted by Saratov State Technical University (please click), Russia, on June 6-9, 2012. Professor Pleve’s original invitation is attached. ICIT-2012 will be the 21st conference in the series sponsored by iNEER (please click) that started in 1994. It also will be the first time ever that the iNEER community, you included, will be meeting in Russia. Vše na http://www.icit12.sstu.ru The deadline for abstracts is December 20, 2011. Please consider submitting an
Led by Rector Prof. Igor Pleve, a team of faculty, students and staff of SSTU have
been busy working on the conference. As a co-sponsor of the conference, iNEER has
been doing its part. In April, Professor Cermak, Professor Olli Mertanen of Finland,
and Prof. Radim Farana of Czech Republic, attended a planning meeting for ICIT-2012
in Saratov. Please click on the link here to see the summary report, including
photos taken at the meeting.

I believe ICIT-2012 offers a unique forum for you to exchange ideas and share
experiences with others in the international community, including the Russian
educators and researchers, in areas not only related to Information and
Communication Technologies in Education, Manufacturing and Research, but also more
generally in the education pedagogy for students of engineering and related
subjects. As a top-ranking state technical university in Russia, SSTU is a leader in
the academic globalization efforts pursued by Russian universities. SSTU rectors and
faculty have consistently attended iNEER conferences starting more than 10 years
ago. As alluded to in Rector Pleve’s invitation letter, attached, SSTU also played
an important role in opening Russian engineering education to the international
community when, in 2004, for the first time, the then SSTU Rector Yury Chebotarevsky
took the initiative to invite a group of rectors of state technical universities to
meet with an iNEER delegation of leading engineering educators. A partnership
workshop on engineering education was held to discuss future cooperation. This led
to the signing of the Saratov Communique (please click). Plans are being made in
Saratov to convene a special Rectors’ and Presidents’ Panel and Workshop involving
about 20 heads of universities from Russia and abroad, that will be a follow-up to
the Saratov Communique. 

For those interested in history, geography and culture, the SSTU website notes:

"Saratov is one of the most beautiful cities of the Volga River. The city is located
in western Russia on the bank of the Volga River, in the center of the vast plain of
European Russia. This region is one of the most highly developed and densely
populated areas of Russia. Saratov - home city of Saratov State Technical University
- is rather old. It's history goes back to late 16th century, when Duke Grigoriy
Zasekin founded a town on the southern border of Russia on July 2, 1590. As its
neighbors - Tsaritsyn and Samara, Saratov was a fortress, protecting Russia from

"Saratov stands on the bank of Volga river, having delicious sturgeons with caviar,
supplied to other regions. This peculiarity was pictured on the city's coat of arms,
which shows 3 sturgeons shaped as a star on the blue background.

"Today Saratov is a big city with a population over a million. Being a large urban
area with a fairly well-developed entertainment infrastructure (the city has 5
theaters, the oldest circus in the country, wonderful art gallery, known also as
"Volga Hermitage", a variety of nightclubs, casinos and movie theaters, and a good
selection of restaurants), it's, at the same time, very quiet and pleasant.

"Visitors enjoy strolling along the streets of Saratov, architecture and parks of
the city. There are a lot of well-known historical places in and around the city,
such as the landing site of the first human astronaut - Yuri Gagarin and birthplace
of many famous Russian people.

"The history of Saratov is linked with the history and the culture of Russia names
of the Tsar Peter the Great, E. Pugachev. The names of outstanding people are
connected with Saratov, the famous scientists I.Bardin, N.Semenov, the actors
O.Tabackov, O. Yankovskiy, B.Andriev, and the well-known writers M.A.Voronov,
I.A.Salov, N.Chernyshevsky, L.Kassil, K.Fedin were born or lived in the city...."

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