Poziv na IEEE Energy Conference 2012 (EnergyCon 2012)

15.12.2011. | Srete Nikolovski PromovirajIspis

It is our most sincere pleasure and honor to invite you to submit a technical paper to the 2nd IEEE- International Energy Conference and Exhibition (EnergyCon2012), to be held on September 9-12, 2012 in Florence, Italy. During the Conference, international experts will help answer the key questions currently being posed in the various sectors concerning smart and sustainable generation, distribution, conversion and utilization of electrical energy. Keynotes, tutorials, regular papers will be included in the program. Join us! We would be honored to have your input at the conference and valued contribution to the discussion on present trends and future opportunities about this challenging topic in the electrical engineering field. Više na web stranici: http://www.energycon2012.org/


The Conference is organized around four Symposia. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


Advances in Energy Conversion

  • Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Energy Conversion Devices and Systems
  • Power Electronics for Electrochemical Apparatus, Energy Storage and Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  • Electrical Machine and Drives for Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources
  • Power Electronics for Grid Interface of Renewable and Distributed Energy Sources
  • High Efficiency Electrical Machines and Drives for Energy Saving in Industrial and Residential Applications
  • Power Electronics for Grid Power Quality, Power factor compensation, Filtering techniques
  • Control and Optimization of Electrical Power Take-offs
  • Power Electronics and Drives for Aerospace, Ship propulsion, Railway traction


Future Energy Grids and Systems

  • Control, management and optimization
  • Distributed generation and active demand
  • Distribution systems
  • Electrical Energy policy and economics
  • Energy storage
  • Power quality and EMC
  • Reliability
  • Smart Cities and Smart Buildings
  • Transmission systems


Sustainable Transportation Systems

  • Electric batteries and other components
  • Fully electric vehicles
  • Hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles
  • Electric power trains
  • Energy management of transportation systems
  • Urban and neighbourhood mobility
  • Water mobility
  • Policy of sustainable transportation systems
  • Market dynamics and opening


ICT for Energy

  • Communication networks, protocols and technologies for smart grid
  • Architecture, models and network protocols: analysis and performance evaluation
  • Smart energy measurements
  • Smart Grid monitoring and control
  • Signal processing and compression of power-grid sensors data
  • Demand Response and dynamic pricing
  • Privacy and cyber-security
  • Standardization and regulation
  • Field trials and deployments


In addition EnergyCon2012 will have an extensive tutorial program, with a combination of invited and submitted tutorials. The conference committee strives to offer a slate of topics that will appeal to the largest possible cross section of potential EnergyCon2012 attendees having interest in the practical application of electrical, electronic and communications technologies devoted to the electrical energy fields. These tutorials are intended to help experienced engineers and academics update or renew their knowledge base and to accelerate the development of engineers new to the profession or the field. The tutorial program is designed to provide all attendees with an opportunity to expand their EnergyCon2012 experience, providing even more value as a result of their conference participation.


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