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Electrical Installation and Lightning PE602-17

ECTS 5 | P 30 | A 0 | L 15 | K 0 | ISVU 174582 | Academic year: 2019./2020.

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Introduce students to the types of installations and protection in LV installations. Introduce students to the concept of smart installations. Introduce students to photometric quantities, light sources, interior and exterior lighting, lighting management systems and lighting efficiency measures.

Conditions for enrollment

Requirements met for enrolling in the study programme

Course description

Basic terms and names (measuring quantities and units, low voltage network designation, types of faults, networks and installations). Valid electrical engineering regulations and standards. Lightning installation. Influence of electric current on a human body. Protection against indirect and direct contact in low-voltage installations. Low voltage lines and networks. Voltage drop on an electric line and the choice of a line considering the load. Types of consumables and consumer facilities. Overcurrent protection. Smart electrical installations. Basic photometric quantities, lighting classes, lighting quality criteria and regulations. Indoor and outdoor lighting. Lighting control systems and lighting design. Lighting efficiency.

Student requirements

Defined by the Student evaluation criteria of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and paragraph 1.9

Monitoring of students

Defined by the Student evaluation criteria of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and paragraph 1.9

Obligatory literature

1. 1 N. Srb Niskonaponske mreže i instalacije Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb, 1991.

2. 2 V. Srb Kabelska tehnika, priručnik Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb, 1970.

3. 3 E. Širola Cestovna rasvjeta Grafika Hrašće, 1997.

Pretraži literaturu na:

Recommended additional literature

1. 1 The IESNA Lighting Handbook – References and Application, 9. Izdanje IESNA, New York, SAD 2000.

2. 2 Ganslandt, R., Hofmann, H. Handbook of Lighting Design ERCO Leuchten GmbH, Germany, 1. Edition, 1992.

Course assessment

Conducting university questionnaires on teachers (student-teacher relationship, transparency of assessment criteria, motivation for teaching, teaching clarity, etc.). Conducting Faculty surveys on courses (upon passing the exam, student self-assessment of the adopted learning outcomes and student workload in relation to the number of ECTS credits allocated to activities and courses as a whole).

Overview of course assesment

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. classify the low voltage grounding systems, the types of protection against indirect and direct contact in low-voltage installations, parts and modes of smart installation

2. define the basic photometric quantities, light sources with respect to technology, interior and exterior lighting features, control and monitoring systems and lighting efficiency measures

3. calculate a voltage drop and select a line cross-sectional area; calculate indirect contact protection and the basic energy consumption for the lighting system

4. measure the safety of low voltage installations

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