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Final Paper P605

ECTS 10 | P 0 | A 0 | L 0 | K 9 | ISVU 41097

Course lecturers

Course description

Within the final work (project) framework and under supervision of their tutors students will solve problems pertaining to their respective fields of study at the Bachelor level. By completing their projects sucessfully students will prove that they can apply knowledge acquired at the Faculty to practical work.

Knowledge and skills acquired

Knowledge and skills necessary for independent work as engineers.

Teaching methods

Permanent contact with tutors.

Student assessment

Working under supervision of the tutor.

Obligatory literature

1. -

Pretraži literaturu

Recommended additional literature

1. -

ECTS credits

An ECTS credit value has been added according to calculation of time required for studying and successful course completion.

Examination methods

Final presentation of the completed task.

Course assessment

An anonymous questionnaire filled in by students after they complete their studies.

Overview of course assesment

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Definirati istraživački izazov i samostalno provesti istraživanje.

2. Samostalno definirati medologiju istraživanja i primijeniti različite znanstvene metode pri izradi rada.

3. Primijeniti usvojena znanja i kompetencije stečene kroz studij.

4. Primijeniti usvojena znanja i specifične kompetencije iz odabranog područja istraživačkog izazova.

5. Samostalno prezentirati rezultate provedenog istraživanja.

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Student's activity Workload ECTS (Workload/30) Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
Assessment method Points
, Design exercises

, Design exercises Attendance register. Mandatory attendance percentage is:

This percentage defines the minimum workload for the activity. The maximum is defined by the study programme.


Problem-solving related to design exercises Workload

Design exercises Evaluation of problem solving exercises Min


Σ Activities Σ Workload
Σ Max