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Automated electric drives TMEE103

ECTS 10 | P 20 | A 0 | L 0 | K 5 | ISVU 0 | Academic year: 2018./2019.

Course lecturers



Introduce students with advanced computer modelling techniques using soft computing software’s. To enable students to conduct an analysis of electric drives, identification parameters for automated management with regard to the requirements of industrial processes. To enable students to develop Scada interface for diagnostics and monitoring using LabVIEW software package. To introduce students to the specific requirements of managing the facility for positioning and hybrid electric drives in vehicles. Present students advanced techniques of optimization in order to intelligent control plants.

Conditions for enrollment

Enrolled corresponding academic year / semester.

Course description

Advanced techniques for modelling electrical machines using concentrated metrics (MATLAB) and distributed parameters (Ansys-Maxwell) in order to obtain control parameters. Scalar, predictive and vector control of the electric machine. Analysis of electromotor drives, stationary and dynamic states, quadratic drives. The architecture of the automated control system of electric plants. Automation of electric drives with respect to industrial process requirements. Development of interface for diagnostics and monitoring: mechanical, electrical and control aspects of design. Automated Diagnostic Systems for Monitoring the Condition of an Electric Machine in Operating Conditions. Control of positioning plants. Hybrid electric drives in plants and in transport. Intelligent automated control systems.

Knowledge and skills acquired

1. Differentiate the technique of modelling electrical machines using concentrated and distributed parameters 2. Apply systems for scalar, predictive and vector control of the electric machine 3. Analyse the stationary and dynamic states of the electric motors with respect to the requirements of the industrial process 4. Design the design of automatic control systems for electrical installations 5. Identify and implement state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and monitoring the operation of electrical machines in the drives 6. Analyse the hybrid electric motor control syst

Teaching methods

Lectures, individual work, design exercises

Student requirements

Seminar work, solving practical problems during lectures, oral exam.

Monitoring of students

Lecture attendance: 0.5 ECTS, oral exam: 3 ECTS, seminar paper: 2.5 ECTS

Student assessment

Construction exercises: min:15, max:30 credits Seminar paper: min:20, max:40 credits Oral exam: min:15, max:30 credits

Obligatory literature

1. 1 T.M. Bartelt Industrial Automated Systems: Instrumentation and Motion Control, Cengage Learning Cengage Learning, Delmar, 2011.

2. 2 D. Sumina Električna pogonska tehnika Graphis, Zagreb, 2013

3. 3 Ž. Ban, J. Matuško Primjena programskog sustava MATLAB za rješavanje tehničkih problema Sveučilište Zagreb, 2010

Pretraži literaturu na:

Recommended additional literature

1. 1 Riefenstahl, U. Elektrische Antriebstechnik Teubner Verlag, Stuttgart Leipzig, 2000.

2. 2 Vasilios N. Katsikis MATLAB - A Fundamental Tool for Scientific Computing and Engineering Applications INTECH open access book, 2012

3. 3 Avinash Konkani Advances in Systems, Control and Automation Springer, 2017

Examination methods

Construction exercises: min:15, max:30 credits Seminar paper: min:20, max:40 credits Oral exam: min:15, max:30 credits

Course assessment

The Postgraduate Study Committee monitors the regularity and quality of teaching, consulting and examination, and, if necessary, student evaluation through a survey.

Overview of course assesment

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

Aktivnosti studenta:
Student's activity Workload ECTS (Workload/30) Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
Assessment method Points
Pohađanje predavanja3011,3,4,6PredavanjaEvidentiranje nazočnost00
Konstrukcijske vježbe, priprema, rad i analiza 752.51,3,4,6Konstrukcijske vježbeProvjera priprema, nadzor rada i provjera analiza 1530
Izrada i prezentacija seminarskog rada 9033,4,5,6Seminarski radPregledavanje seminarskog rada2040
Priprema za usmeni ispit i usmeno odgovaranje na usmenom ispitu1053.51,3,4,6Usmeni ispitProvjera danih odgovora1530