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Power Lines DE4I-11

ECTS 5 | P 30 | A 15 | L 0 | K 15 | ISVU 177088 | Academic year: 2019./2020.

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Provide students with practical knowledge from the field of mechanical and electrical calculations of transmission power lines. Students will learn about electrical characteristics and parameters of overhead power lines and underground cables. Students will obtain knowledge to calculate and choose the cross section of transmission line conductors, their mechanical and electrical characteristics. Students will acquire skills to work with software for computation of voltage drops, electrical losses, voltage and current conditions on overhead and cable lines. Also, students will acquire skills for the calculation of transfer voltage through cable armature.

Conditions for enrollment

Requirements met for enrolling in the study programme

Course description

Introduction. Overhead lines. Conductors of overhead lines (material, construction, dimensions). Mechanical computation of conductors, mechanical load capacity, forces which act on conductors, well-flow equation of transmission line states, proper state related to the stress and sags, loading caused by the wind force, conductors and grounding wire placement on the tower, and security distances. Isolation of lines (material, insulator features, the choice of insulators). Accessories for overhead lines (connection accessories, protection accessories). Towers (material and construction, type of towers, sizing, and foundations). Grounding of transmission lines (grounding resistance and grounding systems, step and touch voltage, function of grounding wires). Cable lines. Conductors for cables (material, construction and sizing). Types of cables. Parameters of overhead and cable lines (resistance, conductance, capacitance and conductance) and their calculation using GMD method. Selecting the cross sections of cables (voltage drop computation, thermal computation, short circuit computation). Layout of the cables and cable accessories (air, grounding, water). Types of grounding of cable networks. Transfer potential computation in cable networks.

Student requirements

Defined by the Student evaluation criteria of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and paragraph 1.9

Monitoring of students

Defined by the Student evaluation criteria of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and paragraph 1.9

Obligatory literature

1. 1 L. Jozsa Nadzemni vodovi ETF Osijek, 2011.

2. 2 L. Jozsa Parametri nadzemnih vodova ETF Osijek 2005

3. 3 V. Srb Kabelska tehnika, priručnik Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb, 1970

Pretraži literaturu na:

Recommended additional literature

1. 1 Mirošević, G.; Vidaković, F. Projektiranje, gradnja i održavanje dalekovoda KIGEN d.o.o., Zagreb, 2008.

2. 2 William A. Thue Electrical Power Cable Engineering, Third Edition CRC Press, 2017

Course assessment

Conducting university questionnaires on teachers (student-teacher relationship, transparency of assessment criteria, motivation for teaching, teaching clarity, etc.). Conducting Faculty surveys on courses (upon passing the exam, student self-assessment of the adopted learning outcomes and student workload in relation to the number of ECTS credits allocated to activities and courses as a whole).

Overview of course assesment

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. understand mechanical and electrical characteristics of overhead lines

2. compute and evaluate the values of electrical parameters for overhead lines and cables

3. design and evaluate an overhead line with all mechanical and electrical characteristics

4. create overhead and cable networks using a software tool and check the selection of cross sections according to voltage drops and short circuit criteria

5. evaluate the calculations for the coefficient of transfer potential for cables which connect transformer station grounding systems

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