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Erasmus is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme in the field of higher education. The Programme provides an opportunity for individual and group mobility as well as participation in European educational projects. 
Up to now, our institution has taken part in outgoing and ingoing student mobility, i.e. numerous students of ours have gone abroad to study and undertake training, while our Faculty was a host to many foreign students within the framework of the Erasmus programme.

The list of Erasmus partner institutions can be seen here.


The Erasmus Programme aims to:

- strengthen the European Higher Education Area
- enhance the role of higher education and professional training in the innovation process
- increase student and academic staff mobility with the aim of reaching 3 million student exchanges by year 2013
- enhance the possibility for further development of higher education and innovation transfer  
- strengthen bilateral cooperation among European higher education institutions

-strengthen the bonds between the economic and education sector  
-enhance the qualifications compatibility in higher and vocational education
-develop innovative contents based on IC technology, i.e. development of service, pedagogical principles and practices important for lifelong learning  

Who can participate? 

The Erasmus programme is open to students, academic and administrative staff active in all forms of tertiary education.  Higher education institutions eligible for funding include: universities, polytechnics, colleges, research centres and other institutions involved in higher education, like companies, non-governmental institutions, public and private organizations engaged in education and training at the tertiary level, teachers’ and students’ associations.    

In order for higher education institutions to participate in the Erasmus programme, they must be awarded the Erasmus University Charter - EUC which assures that the institution in question has fulfilled certain prerequisites to participate in the Erasmus programme.


Further information on the Erasmus programme can be found on the following link (

Contact person

Dr. Goran Martinović, Full Professor 
Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and Erasmus coordinator
Telephone: +385 (0) 31 495-401
Fax: +385 (0) 31 224 605


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Statement of lecturers intention of Erasmus+ course recognition

List of Erasmus partner institutions

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