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GDG: Google I/O Extended (22.9.2023.)

Datum objave: 14.09.2023. | Objavi(o)/la: Centar za razvoj karijera FERIT
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We are thrilled to announce the Google I/O Extended 2023 in Osijek!

Together with GDG Zagreb, we are gathering tech enthusiasts and anyone with a passion for cutting-edge technology. This isn"t just an extension of the main Google I/O event; it"s a community-focused, in-person gathering meant to foster knowledge exchange, networking, and growth.

This event will feature talks about various technologies in and outside of the Google space, such as native and cross-platform mobile development, machine learning and AI, web technologies and even some content around leadership and management in IT. It"ll be a one-day event, with several talks, breaks to hang out in between and a casual networking period after the final talks. The highlight of our event is the array of speakers joining us, including some from the Google Developer Experts (GDE) program. They will be sharing their deep expertise in Android, Cloud, Web, and other Google technologies. This is your opportunity to get firsthand insights from professionals at the forefront of their fields.

We"ll also be discussing the latest Google announcements and updates, with the chance to delve into these subjects during discussions and Q&A sessions.

Aside from these enriching presentations and conversations, you"ll have the chance to network with like-minded individuals and local tech professionals. We believe in the power of community and conversation, and we"re sure you"ll leave with new knowledge, contacts, and inspiration.

There will be some free drinks and food too.

We’ll give away some swag, and you’ll have the chance of winning a Google Home - if you win the quiz.

Remember, this is more than just an event – it"s a celebration of our local tech community and our shared passion for innovation. We look forward to welcoming you to Google I/O Extended 2023 in Osijek!


Please RSVP here


Check out our LinkedIn page for details on the speakers and program:


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