Postgraduate doctoral study programmes

The postgraduate doctoral study programme in Electrical Engineering, which has been completely harmonized with the Bologna Declaration, has been carried out at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Technology in Osijek since the 2006/07 academic year. Upon completion of the postgraduate doctoral study programme in Electrical Engineering, students are awarded the academic title of Doctor of Technical Sciences, scientific area of Technical Sciences, scientific field of Electrical Engineering, with reference to a specialisation (abbreviated-Dr).  

Upon completion of the postgraduate doctoral study programme in Electrical Engineering, students are able to conduct research projects, to develop and apply new technologies as well as to educate professional and scientific staff.

Branch Power Engineering

The postgraduate doctoral study programme in Power Engineering extends knowledge relative to energy generation, transmission, distribution, consumption and management previously acquired at the graduate study programme. Furthermore, the study programme is aimed at providing a comprehensive study of physical processes and a theoretical background with respect to the afore-mentioned questions, as well as scientific methods used for development, construction, management and maintenance planning of the electric power system.

Branch Communications and Informatics

The postgraduate doctoral study programme in Communications and Informatics broadens the prior knowledge of the following: information theory, information networks, control, programming and processing algorithms in networks, analyses and applications of modulation processes, state-of-the-art radio communications systems, theory, analysis and synthesis methods as well as design of embedded, distributed and expert computer systems and software solution for system and application software. Moreover, students gain theoretical and scientific knowledge covering the fields of analysis, optimization, planning and design of the following: communications and information systems, radio communications systems, multimedia systems, process control systems, intelligent and broadband integrated services digital networks, and modern computer architecture and its software.

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Publication on the postgraduate doctoral study programme can be seen on the link “Forms and Documents”.

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