IEEEmadC - Mobile Application Development Contest

IEEEmadC - Mobile Application Development Contest

Project sponsor: IEEE Foundation
Rewards: IEEE Student Enterprise Award
Project: IEEE Mobile Application Development Contest
Lead beneficiary: IEEE Student Branch Osijek
Total project budget: $10,000
Project duration: 1st September 2013 - 31st March 2014
Short project description: Competition in mobile application development for student members of IEEE Region 8 - Europe, Africa and the Middle East


Project aim:

  • Organising competitions for mobile applications development useful to IEEE association (promoting branches, divisions, sections, region, etc.)
  • Encouraging students (IEEE members) for self-development in programming
  • Introducing students with the possibilities of mobile applications development
  • Introducing non-members with the possibilities and benefits of the IEEE membership
  • Encouraging students to join IEEE association


About the lead beneficiary:

IEEE Student Branch Osijek was founded in April 2010 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. The Branch has organised various lectures and workshops for mobile applications development, programming languages for web programming, visual designing of computer applications thus promoting IEEE association in Osijek. One of the main accomplishments is the participation in IEEE Xtreme programming competition where IEEE Student Branch Osijek participants have achieved excellent results three years in a row recognised worldwidely. The IEEE Student Branch Osijek members participated in numerous domestic and international conferences where they promoted the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek and Croatia itself. The Branch currently has 42 members.


About the project team:

Project leader: Dr. Josip Balen

Assistent project leader: Luka Horvat, MEng

Sponsor coordinators: Ana Katalinić, MEng, Dinko Jakovljević, Ivan Marković

Technical coordinators: Igor Bedek, MEng, Tomislav Pokrajčić, MEng, Luka Mandić

Designer: Igor Brkić, MEng

Marketing coordinator: Zrinka Antolović


Project activities:

  • Organising competition for mobile applications development for student members of IEEE Region 8
  • Promoting the project by IEEE network
  • Promoting the project by social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Circles)
  • Organising expert committee for activities evaluation
  • Promoting research work and IEEE association to other students – engineers to be