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Website developer: Dario Došen (October 2014)

Associates: Alfonzo Baumgartner (mrkve) and Ivica Lukić (

Chief editors: Goran Martinović and Drago Žagar 

Design editor: Davor Vrandečić  

Photographs: Mario Miloloža

We would like to thank Damir Šljivac for developing previous websites versions forming the basis for this website.

We would also like to thank Ivanka Ferčec, Yvonne Liermann-Zeljak and Dragana Božić Lenard for translating the website.


The website has being developed by the Faculty’s staff. Data (schedule, staff directory, implementation plan) are imported from mrkve and the ISVU system (courses translation). Linking the website with the system of e-learning Loomen is to be done.

The website will be continuously upgraded. Information related to each course ( will be notified by Loomen. Furthermore, classrooms of both faculty buildings will be displayed on an interactive map. English website version is currently under construction.

- Classes and exams schedule is adjusted to mobile device screens.

- Final and diploma papers database contains papers abstracts.


Inquiries, suggestions and problems should be sent to

If you notice some content irregularities related to classes, contact the Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs For other irregularities, contact


For developing, PHP, MySQL and basics of jQuery were used. Mod-rewrite was used for better URL.

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