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Dr. TOMISLAV MATIĆ - Assistant Professor

Chair of Computer Engineering

Contact: E-mail: (tomislav.matic1 [et]

Scientist Number: 311244

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Telephone: 495-422

Room: K2-8


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 Curriculum Vitae

Tomislav Matić was born May 16, 1983 in Brčko, Bosna and Herzegovina. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek in March 2007 where he started working as a lab technician in the same year. In 2008 he enrolled the postgraduate studies program in computer science and communications and advances to the position of a research assistant. He teaches three classes at the undergraduate and graduate engineering programs (Digital Electronics, Computer Architecture, Reliability and Diagnostics of Computer Systems), and participates as co-mentor to graduate and undergraduate student thesis.
In September 2014. he defended his PhD thesis entitled „Improved Real-Time Algorithms for Biscuit Tile Defects Detection“ and finished postgraduate studies program in computer science and communications. He is currently a Postdoctoral researcher at the department of Computer Engineering and Automation, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek. Main activities and responsibilities at current job position include scientific research, working on research projects, writing scientific papers, student teaching, writing teaching materials, student project management and student organization.
His main fields of scientific and professional interest are real-time image processing, computer vision and GPGPU programming. He collaborated on the following scientific projects: Distributed Computing Management in Transport and Industry – Croatian Ministry of Science Education and Sports, and TEMPUS JEP-41023-2006 (Colaborative Internationalisation of Software Engineers In Croatia) - international project. During his professional career he had several research and educational visits to foreign institutions: Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Software Quality Lab University Paderborn Mälardalen University, Vasteras. Also, he participated in the organization of two conferences held at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek: SIP 2008 and KOREMA 2013.
He is the author and co-author of several scientific papers in conferences proceedings, two journal papers, and two university textbooks, and is a proficient (C1) user of English and basic (A1) user of German language.