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Dr. sc. PETRA ĐUROVIĆ - Senior Assistant

Chair of Automation and Robotics

Contact: E-mail: (petra.durovic [et]

Scientist Number: 355473

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Room: K1-2

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Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

1. Cupec, Robert; Vidović, Ivan; Filko, Damir; Đurović, Petra.
Object recognition based on convex hull alignment. // Pattern recognition. 102 (2020) ; (journal article).
2. Đurović, Petra; Vidović, Ivan; Cupec, Robert.
Semantic Component Association within Object Classes Based on Convex Polyhedrons. // Applied Sciences-Basel. 10 (2020) , 8; (journal article).

Scientific papers in other journals

1. Ðurović, Petra; Grbić, Ratko; Cupec, Robert.
Visual servoing for low-cost SCARA robots using an RGB-D camera as the only sensor. // Automatika. 58 (2017) , 4; 495-505 (journal article).

Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

1. Cupec, Robert; Filko, Damir; Đurović, Petra.
Segmentation of Depth Images into Objects Based on Polyhedral Shape Class Model // European Conference on Mobile Robots (ECMR)2019.
1-8 (poster,international peer-review,published,scientific).
2. Cupec, Robert; Đurović, Petra.
VolumeNet: Flexible Model for Shape Classes // ROBIO 2018.
248-255 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
3. Đurović, Petra; Filipović, Marko; Cupec, Robert.
Alignment of Similar Shapes Based on their Convex Hulls for 3D Object Classification // ROBIO 2018..
1586-1593 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
4. Kovač Domagoj, Grbić Ratko, Đurović Petra, Cupec Robert.
Cost-effective Mobile Manipulation System // MIPRO 2018, 41 st International Convention, Proceedings.
1055-1059 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
5. Đurović, Petra; Cupec, Robert.
Active Vision for Low Cost SCARA Robots Using RGB- D Camera // 2018 Zooming Innovation in Consumer Technologies Conference (ZINC).
Novi Sad, Serbia : IEEE, 2018. 84-87 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
6. Filipović, Marko; Đurović, Petra; Cupec, Robert.
Experimental Evaluation of Point Cloud Classification using the PointNet Neural Network // Proceedings of the 10th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence / Sabourin, Christophe ; Merelo, Juan Julian ; Barranco, Alejandro Linares ; Madani, Kurosh and Warwick, Kevin, editor(s).
Seville, Spain : SCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications, Lda., 2018. 47-54 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
7. Đurović, Petra; Grbić, Ratko; Cupec, Robert; Filko, Damir.
Low Cost Robot Arm with Visual Guided Positioning // MIPRO Proceedings / Biljanović, Petar, editor(s).
Rijeka, 2017. 1332-1337 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
8. Lacković, Krešimir; Đurović, Petra.
Zrenjanin, Srbija : Tehnički fakultet, 2016. 68-73 (poster,international peer-review,published,scientific).

Other refereed conference papers

1. Samardžija, Luka; Del Vechio, Manuel; Đurović, Petra.
Sustainability and optimization of wine production with ICT - e-vineyard // Organizacija i tehnologija održavanja / Lacković, Z. ; Ivanović, M. ; Glavaš, H. ; Sušenka, I. ; Šandrk Nukić, I. ; Andrlić, B., editor(s).
Osijek : Društvo održavatelja Osijek, 2016. 87-94 (lecture,international peer-review,published,expert).
2. Đokić, Kristian; Popović, Aleksandar; Đurović, Petra.
Review of Internet services for storing and measure real time data // Zbornik radova sa znanstveno stručnog skupa Organizacija i tehnologija održavanja : OTO 2013.
2013. 129-138 (lecture,domestic peer-review,published,scientific).