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IVAN BIONDIĆ, - Assistant

Chair of Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Measurements

Contact: E-mail: (ivan.biondic [et]

Scientist Number: 346993

Publications and Research (source:

Addiotional e-mail address:

Telephone: 224-634

Room: T0-25

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Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

1. Vulin, Dragan; Biondić, Ivan; Miličević, Kruno; Vinko, Davor.
Laboratory setup for determining residual magnetic flux value using low voltage DC source. // Electrical engineering. 102 (2020) ; 1707-1714 (journal article).
2. Benšić, Tin; Vulin, Dragan; Stojkov, Marinko; Biondić, Ivan.
Inductance Inrush Current Time-Frequency Analysis. // Iet science measurement & technology. 14 (2019) , 1; 64-70 (journal article).
3. Benšić, Tin; Biondić, Ivan; Marić, Predrag.
Single-phase autotransformer modelling and model parameter identification. // Electrical engineering. 100 (2018) , 2; 625-632 (journal article).
4. Tolić, Ivan; Miličević, Kruno; Šuvak, Nenad; Biondić, Ivan.
Non-linear Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Probability Density Function of Cross-Border Transmission Losses. // IEEE transactions on power systems. 33 (2018) , 2; 2230-2238 (journal article).
5. Jastrzębski, R.; Chwastek, K.; Biondić, Ivan; Miličević, Kruno.
A Comparison of Different Estimation Methods for Hysteresis Modelling. // Acta Physica Polonica A. 131 (2017) , 5; 1228-1231 (journal article).
6. Miličević, Kruno; Biondić, Ivan; Vulin, Dragan.
Measurement uncertainty of the instantaneous characteristics of nonlinear coil obtained by Dommel method. // Iet science measurement & technology. 11 (2017) , 8; 1049-1057 (journal article).
7. Miličević, Kruno; Nyarko, Emmanuel Karlo; Biondić, Ivan.
Chua's model of nonlinear coil in a ferroresonant circuit obtained using Dommel's method and grey box modelling approach. // Nonlinear dynamics. 86 (2016) , 1; 51-63 (journal article).

Papers accepted for publication in the cc journals

1. Vulin, Dragan; Miličević, Kruno; Biondić, Ivan; Petrović, Goran.
Determining the Residual Magnetic Flux Value of a Single-Phase Transformer Using a Minor Hysteresis Loop. // IEEE transactions on power delivery. (2020) (accepted for publication).

Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

1. Bilandžija, Domagoj; Biondić, Ivan; Vinko, Davor.
Impact of Choke Selection on Performance of Current-Mode Class-D Amplifier in WPT System // .
96-101 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
2. Vinko, Davor; Biondić, Ivan; Bilandžija, Domagoj.
Soft-Start Circuit in Wireless Power Transmission System // .
102-105 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
3. Vinko, Davor; Biondić, Ivan; Bilandžija, Domagoj.
Impact of Receiver Power and Coupling Coefficient on Resonant Frequency in Wireless Power Transfer System // .
2019. 207-210 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
4. Pelin, Denis; Biondić, Ivan; Brnjevarac, Igor.
EXPERIMENTAL BIFURCATION DIAGRAMS OF A NON- ISOLATED DC-DC CONVERTERS // Book of abstract ; 18th International Symposium on Power Electronics / Katić, Vladimir (ur.)., editor(s).
Novi Sad : GRID_FTN, Novi Sad, 2015. (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

Other refereed conference papers

1. Bilandžija, Domagoj; Vinko, Davor; Biondić, Ivan.
Achieving Uniform Magnetic Field with Rectangular Coil in Wireless Power Transmission System // .
179-182 (lecture,international peer-review,published).

Non-refereed conference paper

1. Biondić, Ivan; Topalović, Robert; Miličević, Kruno.
Comparison of Basic Ferromagnetic Coil Hysteresis Models // Papers of 33rd International Scientific Conference "Science in Practice" / Möhringer, Peter, editor(s).
Schweinfurt, 2016. 67-77 (lecture,published,scientific).