Quality assurance

Quality assurance usually includes politics, processes, activities and mechanisms used for maintaining and enhancing quality of higher education. Quality assurance relates to teaching, scientific and professional work and organisational structure itself (with an exception of an accounting office).

Implementing the Bologna system, the Republic of Croatia has agreed to promoting European cooperation in terms of quality assurance aiming at providing comparative criteria and methodology. Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in higher education (SGQA/ESG) were provided by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) upon the request of Bologna conference in Berlin 2003. The standards were accepted on the conference in Bergen in 2005.

The aim and purpose of quality assurance at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek is to obtain a high level of higher education quality (teaching process), scientific and research work accompanied by systematic documenting of relevant elements within the respective procedures and activities.

Quality assurance at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering deals with:

Defining politics and aims

Defining procedures needed for quality assurance as well as their implementation on the Faculty

Providing an overview of the Faculty’s organisational structure and given responsibilities for aims fulfilment

Defining basics for systematising rules and procedures within the Faculty

Implementing, planning, controlling and improving procedures

Defining the way and frequency of implementing evaluations for assuring quality assessment 

Ensuring that all activities at the Faculty are planned and controlled

Ensuring that all requirements from contracts are met

Ensuring that all obligations regarding teaching, scientific and research work are met and documented.


Committee for the Enhancement and Assurance of Quality in Higher Education:


The members are:

1. doc. dr. sc. Tomislav Rudec, staff representative, president

2. izv. prof. dr. sc. Danijel Topić, staff representative, member

3. dr. sc. Ivan Vidović, assistants representative, member

4. dr. sc. Krešimir Romić, assistants representative, member

5. mr. sc. Zvonimir Kaprocki, external co-partners representative, member, RT-RK d.o.o.

6. dr. sc. Zoran Kovač, external co-partners representative, member, HEP d.d.

7. mr. sc. Denis Sušac, external co-partners representative, member, Osijek Software City

8. Boris Bajtl, dipl. ing., external co-partners representative, member, SIEMENS CVC d.o.o.

9. Filip Đuričković, univ. bacc. ing. comp., student representative, member

10. Miriam Arambašić, mag. iur., Head of the Office for the Enhancement and Assurance of Quality in Higher Education, member

11. Toni Varga, mag. ing. el., PhD student representative, member

12. Sandra Vdovjak, mag. ing. el., alumni club representative, member.



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