Zdravka Vranješ, MLIS
Anka Ovničević 

Room 0 – 32, telephone: 031/224 - 718

Office hours: Monday – Friday  

                      8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

The library has more than 9 000 bibliographic units. 62% of books are from the field of electrical engineering, 27% from the field of computer engineering accompanied by the ones from the fields of physics, mathematics, dictionaries, and encyclopaedias. Additionally, the library has 34% of journals from the field of electrical engineering and 26% from the field of computer engineering. 76% of books are written in Croatian and 19% in English language. Library cooperates with other University libraries, City and University Library Osijek, other libraries of the faculties of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and the National and University Library in Zagreb. Reading room at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering provides several personal computers available to students for searching the Internet as well as writing research, final and diploma papers.


The most important scientific journals from the fields of electrical and computer engineering which are to be used by staff and students can be found in the Faculty library. Older volumes of important journals are bound and archived. Furthermore, the reading room provides relevant information on international and Croatian scientific conferences, international associations, scholarships, new software, etc. Finally, the library also contains a 95m2 computer-equipped classroom with 60 available seats.