Upcoming projects

Programme SUPER-etfos

Server application for cumulative data processing of all University constituent units

This is a supervisory application at the Rectorate which will collect all the data sent by the University constituent units. The application will provide cumulative staff data; their average and individual workload and other reports related to information from the register. Furthermore, it will also provide information on staff office hours.

- Forms and lists compliant to the interests and needs of the University

- Entering data sent by the faculties and departments upon the University request is done automatically. Data acceptance is done by decrypting data and entering them in the appropriate tables.

Department of Software Engineering plans to develop software support for the infrastructure needed for the modern development of higher education institutions. Efficient software support in accordance to the needs of the University and its constituent units will be developed. It includes software support for keeping records of staff, students and their workload. In addition, software support for classes organisation, classes realisation, classes schedule and surveys regarding quality assurance will be developed with the aim of providing a unique software solution resulting in enhancing overall efficiency.

Furthermore, the Department of Software Engineering plans to develop software support for keeping records of students’ work and success which may lead to improving the studying efficiency. The data may also be used to show the studying efficiency on each course, branch or cycle. In order to achieve this, the scientists and associates of the Department are planning to conduct several scientific projects using the results in scientific papers.


Software tool for issuing diplomas and diploma supplements

Software tool for automatic issuing diplomas and diploma supplements

  • web-based software tool provides an uploading of a graphically designed diploma template together with a bilingual diploma supplement
  • the program allows an automatic filling in documents ready to be printed
  • archive of documents for each student and a collective document of all graduate students is generated
  • data can be imported with an XML file or directly from the ISVU system

Several constituent units have already promoted their graduate students by using this software tool. Faculty of Electrical Engineering has been using this software tool for a couple of years now.