K3-12 Laboratory for Software Engineering, CISCO, Chess and Computer Games

The laboratory contains 24 high performance PCs, all of which are required to maintain quality teaching. Some of them are: Visual Studio, MATLAB, XAMPP, SQL, Unity, Blender, D3.js. The lab is used to create modern programs in programming languages: C, C++, C#, PHP. 3D models are created using Blender in the laboratory, which are also used as an entry for the Unity program, in which innovative games are designed as a synergy of creativity and programming. This lab analyzes and writes complex pathfinding algorithms to achieve the optimum solution in the chess game. Interactive visualization created using D3.js architecture made in this laboratory.



K3-1 Laboratory for programming languages and systems

The laboratory contains 35 computers on which all the programs needed for successful code writing and software programming are installed. Some of them are: Visual Studio, MATLAB, XAMPP, SQL, Java, Python, SQL, D3.js. The laboratory is used to create the most advanced programs in C, C ++, C #, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, ASP.NET. Crossplatform and parallel applications are created in the laboratory.This laboratory analyzes databases, network protocols, and www document creation approaches. The laboratory is used to create dynamic signal processing systems and simulate them in real time.


K3-7Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Mathematical Image Processing

The laboratory includes 5 computers with computer graphics and image processing software installed. The laboratory is engaged in research in the field of image processing and computer graphics covering geometric transformations, noise removal, compression and interpolation, color and space perception, image enhancement and detection and extraction of image features, geometric transformations, geometric modeling and rendering.