Department of Software Engineering

Department of  Software Engineering



  Strategic research guidelines of the Department of Software Engineering are mainly concerned with the following areas of research and development: ubiquitous embedded and distributed computing systems based on modern programmable, customisable, distributed computer architectures, and mobile and wireless environments. This includes digital signal processors (DSP), graphics processing units (GPU), as well as cloud and grid computing; algorithms and software solutions for the said platforms with a focus on development of time-critical systems, service-oriented systems, self-sustaining computer systems, big data analytics, which implies the principles of green computing, parallel programming, component-based software engineering, computational intelligence, still image and video processing, and other advanced approaches; procedures and software solutions in medical applications, traffic, mobile and wireless environments, industry and generally in intelligent living spaces.

  The Department conducts classes in about 40 courses within the framework of two chairs. The medium-term strategy will include the harmonisation of the curricula of study programmes at all levels of with labour market needs (including the introduction of new courses), improving the quality of teaching and learning with an emphasis on modernising the laboratories and further adjustment of teaching and learning platforms to the arrival of new technologies. Several ongoing national and EU projects will help us establish the infrastructure planned to be more intensively used in all forms of lifelong learning. 

  The medium-term and long-term strategy of the Department include a further increase in the intensity of cooperation with international and national research institutions and the economy aiming to increase both participation in a number of international research projects, and the number and duration of outgoing and incoming mobility of researchers and students. The Department is currently taking part in several such projects and programmes. Scientific research and professional cooperation with the economy and public institutions are also ongoing strategic guidelines of the Department aimed at creating innovative solutions needed by the industry and the public sector. This primarily refers to the application of modern computer systems and software solutions in the fields of agriculture, medicine, and transport, and to the development of solutions to improve the efficiency of the industry and the public sector, and the quality of life in a broader sense.

  The Development Strategy of the Department will be aligned with the Development Strategies of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and of the University of Osijek, and thus the region and the Republic of Croatia, which stresses a significant role of the ICT sector and computer engineering with special emphasis placed on software engineering and the regional economy. The activities of the Department should strengthen the connection of education and research intended for business entities in the environment.

Chair of Visual Computing 

  The Chair of Visual Computing deals with modern methods of image analysis and processing in 2D and 3D environments. Its excellence is demonstrated by interstructural cooperation with medical science. Chair of Visual Computing staff conducts research on new methods of image compression based on partial differential equations whose result is Edge Enhancing Diffusion Compression with Symbol Prediction and Block Sorting. This compression is competitive to current image compression standards of JPEG/JPEG2000 at very high levels of compression. Furthermore, knowledge of image compression is applied to medical image processing and analysis and gives promising results in three-dimensional analysis of the human body for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Members of the Chair also deal with the efficiency analysis of modern algorithms for processing and visualisation of large amounts of data.

Chair of Programming Languages and Systems

  The Chair of Programming Languages and Systems is engaged in the development and advancement of algorithms that can be applied to distributed computing systems, real-time systems, in-depth data analysis and classification. Research and teaching staff apply the latest software quality assurance standards and the latest knowledge and technology in desktop, notebook and mobile applications. They develop software tools that will be used to assess the current state of technical systems. 


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