Research and Collaboration

The main scope of research in the following period includes development and research into:

  • Process control methods and production systems automation,
  • Intelligent sensors, sensor systems and related signal processing,
  • Computer vision and intelligent robots,
  • Control methods of electric machines and drives,
  • Excitation system of synchronous generators,  
  • Control/stabilisation methods of the electric power system,
  • Methods of technical diagnosis and protection system in industrial and power plants,
  • Control methods of renewable energy sources and their optimisation during their integration in the electric power system.

Regarding cooperation with economy, the Department is highly qualified to offer practical solutions to specific technical problems with the aim of revitalising and modernising plant and automation systems. Furthermore, cooperation is also attainable in the following fields: maintenance of production systems, introduction of advanced control methods in order to enhance the production efficiency, product quality, safe plant operation, etc. Apart from various professional and technological projects, cooperation can be achieved through specialist courses organised for engineers employed in the economy. Similar courses on measurement and regulation systems in industry and power system engineering are planned to be organised soon.  

Cooperation with the economy is connected with the following areas:

  • Electric machines and drives in industrial, energy and transportation processes,
  • Control and automation systems of technological and transportation plants and processes,  
  • Flexible production systems, robots and robot systems in production automation,
  • Control and maintenance systems of turbines in industrial power plants, mini power stations and wind turbines,
  • Uninterruptible and mains power supply in industrial plants and special facilities,
  • Real-time computer systems- control and maintenance hardware and software configuration.