Department of Communications

The Department's specific goals are in line with the strategic goals of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, whose final goals include integration into the European Higher Education  Area, increase of competitiveness in the global environment with special attention paid to innovations, development of new methods of knowledge and technology transfer to the economy.  


The Department of Communications is active within the scientific and research environment of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. The Department was established in 2003 and is organised into two chairs (Chair of Electronics and Microelectronics and Chair of Radiocommunications and Telecommuncations) and an accredited Laboratory for HF Measurements.  The Department employs 10 researchers in the scientific-educational title, 2 assistants, 2 research assistants, 2 associates and 1 laboratory technician. Science and research is performed through national scientific projects (3 projects supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, from 2007 to 2013), HAKOM, HIT, BICRO, international projects (e.g. Tempus KISEK, Eureka ITEA I and ITEA II), and through research within the frame of the postgraduate doctoral study programme.

The basis for further development of the scientific and research activity at the Department lies in human resources. It should be emphasised at this point that in the past years six young scientists have earned their doctoral degrees and have been appointed into scientific-educational titles.  Furthermore, it is impossible to perform scientific research without investing into infrastructure and research equipment. Therefore, the financial resources obtained through projects like MZOS, BICRO, HIT, Eureka etc. have been invested into research equipment thus ensuring basic conditions for quality research.

The significance of the Department also lies in its plan to strengthen the bonds with the economy and local community. Accordingly, a successful application of new technologies to the economy represents a challenge for establishing new economy subjects, direct economy investments into research, development and innovation resulting in the development of the region and the Republic of Croatia, and hence the creation of new employment opportunities.