In 1991, there were five departments at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the sixth department was established in 2003. Following the overall development and new activities, the Faculty went through the reorganisation from 2005 until 2009, so today it consists of the following departments and chairs:

Department of Core Courses
Chair of Mathematics and Physics
Chair of Mechanical Engineering and Foreign Languages

2 Department of Software Engineering
Chair of Programming Languages and Systems
Chair of Visual Computing

Department of Computer Engineering and Automation
Chair of Computer Engineering
Chair of Automation and Robotics

4 Department of Power Engineering
Chair of Power Systems and Substations
Chair of Power Plants and Energy Processes
Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

5 Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Chair of Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Measurements
Chair of Electric Machines and Power Electronics
Electric Machines and Hybrid Electric Drives Laboratory

6 Department of Communications
Chair of Radiocommunications and Telecommunications
Chair of Electronics and Microelectronics
Laboratory for High Frequency Measurements
Chair of Multimedia Systems and Digital Television