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 Objave - Studenti  

Quality Assurance Intern

Datum objave: 01.08.2022. | Objavi(o)/la: COBE d.o.o.
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Attention to detail, problem-solving, and being a team player are just some of the qualities we’re looking for in our next intern. If you’re a graduate student with a thirst for continuous learning, keep reading.

What you bring

  • You’re a graduate student in the last years of your studies
  • High motivation in learning new technologies
  • An eye for detail
  • Developed teamwork skills
  • Responsibility

Nice to have

  • Experience with automated testing tools
  • Previous working experience in QA
  • Excellent knowledge of English, both in speech and writing

What we offer

  • All necessary equipment
  • We will adjust to your University schedule
  • An ambitious team and mentor with whom you will grow and learn
  • We will help you broaden your skills & knowledge through constant feedback
  • A possibility for a student job after completing the internship

Next steps

One of the most important skills of any good QA Engineer is logical thinking, which is why we’d like you to think about the following questions before applying:

  1. What do you think is more important; to deliver the product on time, go cheap, or ensure the products" quality?
  2. Look around yourself and point out something that’s not regular to you – what are you looking at and what"s wrong with it? Describe it.
  3. Why does a chair require four legs?
  4. If a developer tells you “This is not a bug”, and you know it is, what are you going to say to him/her?
  5. You found a bug in the app but you can"t reproduce it. How would you report it?

Please send us the answers (in English) together with your CV at The planned duration of the internship is 4-8 weeks and the applications are open until August 14th.

Good luck! 😊

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