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 Objave - Studenti  

Android Developer Intern @ COBE

Datum objave: 13.01.2022. | Objavi(o)/la: COBE d.o.o.
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Are you a student with a strong will to learn and basic knowledge of Kotlin or Java? Great, keep reading and join our team!

What you"ll do

  • work on COBE’s internal projects
  • have daily, weekly, and monthly meetings with your mentor and team members
  • have pair programming sessions
  • use pull requests for code reviews
  • learn and try out something new continuously

Depending on your skill level, you might even work on a client project – don’t worry, your mentor will be there every step of the way.

What you bring

  • enthusiasm and a will to learn
  • basic knowledge of Kotlin or Java
  • basic knowledge of OOP paradigms
  • basic knowledge of the Android SDK (Views, layouts, building lists, handling resources)
  • being familiar with XML and JSON
  • basic understanding of SQL databases
  • basic understanding of Git
  • good communication skills

Nice to have

  • experience in networking with Android
  • some experience with Room database
  • understanding of asynchronous mechanisms in programming
  • experience working with any of the architectures used in Android development (MVVM, MVP)
  • knowledge of some of the Dependency injection frameworks - Dagger 2, Koin, Hilt
  • knowledge of the Android Jetpack components

What we offer

  • you will work with an ambitious team with whom you will grow and learn
  • you will get a mentor that will guide you through every step of the way
  • you will get to expand your skill set in a wide range of industries while working on diverse and significant projects
  • your opinion is important to us – we will respect your ideas and take them into account
  • educational budget – every team receives a budget for buying books, attending courses, or visiting conferences
  • career development talks – we will monitor your progress and reward it accordingly with promotions and income advances
  • a Christmas and Easter bonus

Next steps

Go ahead, send us your CV (or LinkedIn profile) and a link to GitHub at

Applications are open until January 27th. Good luck!

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