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IG01 - Research Group for Advanced Teaching Methods in Technical Sciences


The research group conducts research in the field of education focusing on the approach, application, and impact of new techniques and teaching methods on the quality of higher education on undergraduate and graduate study levels. In cooperation with other FERIT research groups and their laboratories, the research group transfers basic mathematics and physics, as well as applied engineering knowledge and skills to groups that include primary and secondary school students (and teachers) in STEM fields. These activities include presentation of research, teaching, and professional activities carried out in the Faculty laboratories related to applied engineering knowledge and skills in the fields of applied physics, robotics, automation, computer engineering, and IT, as well as technical skills by using modern teaching methods including real experiment measurements with computer support in the collection of measurement data and the use of virtual instruments in the modelling of experiments and computer simulations of individual experiments.

The research groups activities focus on the implementation of service learning (also known as community-based learning and community-based service learning) which is recognised globally as an efficient way of connecting students and university professors with civil society organisations and the wider community. This should help students find their first jobs, i.e. connect them with the labour market. The research group develops and takes care of the implementation of sustainable service learning programmes thus educating the general public about the possibilities of modern STEM technology and encouraging students to participate in educational programmes to acquire STEM competencies and skills necessary for developing new technologies as a prerequisite for successful participation in the labour market. Furthermore, the research group analyses the application of cutting-edge methods in ESP teaching, including the use of games, experiments, digital tools, and artificial intelligence.

Research areas


Tomislav Rudec
Assistant Professor

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