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IG07 - Research Group for Advanced Power Technologies and Systems


The research group for advanced power technologies and systems was established in 2018 within the Department for power engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology (FERIT), Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. 

The research group is involved in power engineering research and has considerable experience in implementing (international) scientific and professional projects with emphasis on integrating renewable energy sources into the power system from the aspect of smart power grids and microgrids, electricity markets, power protection, stability and quality.   

  • The focus of the research group is the development of optimization models for designing, planning and operating systems with connected renewable energy (RES) power plants, including photovoltaic systems and biomass and biogas plants, studies on the impact of RES integration on the power system and protection settings, advanced power grids and microgrids, measures to improve energy efficiency and the application of efficient technologies in lighting and building energy management systems (BEMS). 
  • The research group deals with advanced protection coordination of active grids with a high RES share, power flow optimisation, calculations of short circuits, stability and reliability of the power system and its components, analysis of oscillatory stability of the power system, parameterisation of automatic voltage regulators (AVR) and generator excitation, as well as PSS and FDS stabilisers. 
  • The group performs electricity market analyses from the prospective of market participants, techno-economic analyses of generation plants and network facilities, management optimisation of a modern power system, dimensioning of grounding systems, measurements of the ground resistance, calculations of the electric arc and issues guidelines on the selection of personal protection equipment. 
  • Measurements of low frequency (50 Hz) electromagnetic fields are performed according to the HRN IEC 61786 standard in an accredited laboratory for low frequency measurements, as well as in all types of power and industrial plants and near renewable power sources. Finally, the group also controls the power quality in accordance with the HRN EN 61000-4-30 standard in line with the restrictions of the HRN EN 50160 standard on voltage properties in public distribution networks.  

Research group for Advanced Power Technologies and Systems and Department sceintific projects:

The long list of technical expertise and solutions for industry as a result of decades of cooperation, studies, and projects carried out by the Department for power engineering includes:

  • designing, technical analysis, and assistance, supervising and managing energy power plants both small renewable and conventional,
  • designing, parametring, bringing into operation and maintaining intelligent electrical installations KNX/EIB in civil engineering,
  • conducting technical-economic analysis and cost-effectiveness studies for energy power plants,
  • designing Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and energy consumption balance for the needs of industry, local self-government and private users, energy examinations and reviews, conducting analysis and energy efficiency studies, and issuing energy certificates in civil engineering, planning
  • designing systems of public lightning, lightning systems for interior and exterior workspaces,
  • planning, designing and providing technical assistance regarding energy efficiency
  • conducting studies regarding the effect on power network including protection coordination, power flow and voltage drop analysis, losses and n-1 safety of transmission for both distribution and industrial networks analysis,
  • reliability and availability of transmission and distribution networks analysis, analysis of angle and voltage stability of transmission for both distribution and industrial networks,
  • design of the grounding system, measurement of grounding resistance and soil resistance,
  • measurements and analysis of electrical and low-frequency magnetic fields and power quality,
  • infrared thermographic research in various fields of technical sciences,
  • energy audits of buildings and analysis of energy flows in the industry.

More info on research group web-site in English:

Research areas


Goran Knežević
Associate Professor

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