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Small Electrical Machines For Special Appliance SIAE601-15

ECTS 5 | P 30 | A 15 | L 15 | K 0 | ISVU 149388 | Academic year: 2020./2021.

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Overview of course assesment

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. describe the types of different constructions, operating principles and the types of control of small and special electrical machines

2. analyse various construction requirements for the application of small and special electrical machines

3. propose the type of standard permanent magnets that meet the required specific requirements and are installed in DC servomotors

4. determine the static and dynamic characteristics of small and special electrical machines

5. propose the type of an optimal small or special electrical machine that meets the default dynamic speed profile of an electric drive

6. organise fundamental measurements of electrical, mechanical and thermal data on the tested step or servo motor

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