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Project Management DA4-01

ECTS 4 | P 30 | A 15 | L 0 | K 0 | ISVU 177881 | Academic year: 2019./2020.

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Teach students project management as a management process where knowledge, skills, tools and techniques are implemented in project activities to meet project requirements and needs, as well as strategic goals of a business organisation.

Conditions for enrollment

Requirements met for enrolling in the study programme

Course description

Projects and project-oriented business (notion, concept and key features of a project, fundamental differentiation of projects, project life cycle). Concept and context of project management. Project management development strategy (project management development phases, project management strategy development). Designing a project management organisation (designing a one-off project management organisation, designing a project management organisation, organising and developing a project management system). Strategic dimension of project management (initiation and activation of project implementation, logistics planning and organisation of project realisation, evaluation and conclusion of project implementation). Operational dimension of project management (project integration management, project organisation management, realisation of primary project objectives, project management control and management project changes, project management development perspectives).

Student requirements

Defined by the Student evaluation criteria of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and paragraph 1.9

Monitoring of students

Defined by the Student evaluation criteria of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and paragraph 1.9

Obligatory literature

1. 1 Mislav Ante Omazić, Stipe Baljkas Projektni menadžment Sinergija, Zagreb, 2005.

Pretraži literaturu na:

Recommended additional literature

1. 1 PMI vodič kroz znanja o upravljanju projektima-četvrto izdanje Project Management Institute, MATE d.o.o.,2011.

2. 2 Marin Buble Projektni menadžment Minerva-visoka poslovna škola, Dugopolje, 2010.

Course assessment

Conducting university questionnaires on teachers (student-teacher relationship, transparency of assessment criteria, motivation for teaching, teaching clarity, etc.). Conducting Faculty surveys on courses (upon passing the exam, student self-assessment of the adopted learning outcomes and student workload in relation to the number of ECTS credits allocated to activities and courses as a whole).

Overview of course assesment

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. specify and explain basic management functions

2. define and explain enterprise management by projects

3. specify and describe the basic skills needed by managers that are important for quality management

4. explain the strategic dimension of project management

5. explain the operational dimension of project management, analyse project work phases, and develop business plan premises for a particular project

6. analyse the entirety of project tasks, and construct an example of a budget for a specific project

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